DV Cider Brings Local Flavour to Macedon Ranges

DV Cider Brings Local Flavour to Macedon Ranges
Thursday 14th July by Everley Sunbury

Meet your new local – DV Cider House! Short for Darraweit Valley, DV Cider House is a beautiful orchard and cidery just 25 minutes from Sunbury. Established in 2014, they’re known for their unique flavours handcrafted in the Macedon Ranges.

DV Cider House is the vision of its orchardist and cider maker, Marc Serafino. A former head chef with a passion for creating new flavours, Marc started experimenting with cider and realised what he needed to create the best craft ciders was his own apple orchard – and so, DV Cider House was born.

It didn’t take long for DV Cider House to make their mark both in the industry – picking up a bushel of awards over the last few years – and on locals’ tastebuds.

Standing proud in the local community

People from the surrounding areas love the cider house’s unique offering, with about a third of customers coming from Sunbury. Owner Jenny Abalos says she had underestimated their role in the community at first.

“It [DV Cider House] isn’t just a place for people to get together. It’s a place they can be proud to bring their city friends to, and for employing locals,” Jenny says.

“As we grow, our community contribution grows.”

DV Cider House holds its own piece of Sunbury history – their Silo Bar was repurposed from an obsolete grain silo from the Everley estate. Marc had the vision of creating a feature bar from a local silo, but finding the right one was another matter entirely and the search took six months.

DV Cider

The Silo Bar at DV Cider House was upcycled from a former grain silo donated by Everley Estate in Sunbury.

“We were trying to find a silo that was suitable but they were all old, rusty or far away… then when driving through Sunbury I spotted this one,” Jenny says.

The Everley silo had previously been used to store oats, wheat and barley harvested from the site. These grains were then fed to sheep, cattle and alpacas that formerly grazed the property. 

When Jenny approached the Everley team to see if they were prepared to donate the silo, they were excited by the opportunity to help a local, upcoming business and to see the silo upcycled rather than sent to landfill. A local builder worked on repurposing it in his garage before it was transported to the cider house; it’s now a major feature and customers love hearing its story.

A destination in its own right

DV Cider House is set on a stunning 42 acres in the Macedon Ranges, and customers come not just for the one-of-a-kind cider and soulful food, but for the relaxed vibes and gorgeous orchard views.

DV Cider House

Ciders amongst the orchards

Live music Saturdays are a weekly event featuring regional artists year-round, and ticketed events like BBQs and food truck days are a popular drawcard. It’s also a great venue for a relaxed Sunday session, special occasion or even a post-wedding party.

“Macedon Ranges is a destination for weddings… you’ve already gone away into the country,” Jenny says.

“The next day you can have a private marquee for you and your guests right amongst the orchards. It’s a great vibe in summer.”

In winter the action moves to the DV Taproom, where the weekly live music continues in a warm and cosy setting. They’ve also added a heated marquee to their offering, for groups who still want to celebrate in the orchard.

Visiting DV Cider House

If you’re ready to spend your next weekend sipping cider to some tunes, the cider house is open every Saturday and Sunday at 39 Darraweit Valley Rd, Darraweit Guim. We recommend trying the popular Hop Drop, famous for its fruity aromas of passionfruit and lychee! 

Check out DV Cider House’s website, or follow them on Instagram to stay informed of upcoming events and local farmers market appearances.

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